Vijayakumar Rajagopal

Systemic Team Coach & Executive Coach, Individual

Coaching, Emotional Intelligence
Leadership, Leadership

Vijayakumar Rajagopal


Vijay specializes in empowering leaders and leadership teams to elevate their businesses to new heights. Through a unique blend of Systemic Team Coaching, Executive Coaching, NLP, and Emotional Intelligence Coaching, he helps clients maximize their impact and drive personal evolution. With a background in technology and a strong foundation in psychology, Vijay excels at bridging the emotional and rational aspects of coaching for optimal results.

Drawing from extensive leadership experience in diverse global settings, he tailors individual experiences for C and D level executives from multinational corporations striving to thrive in complex environments. Vijay's clients benefit from:

Clarity: Aligning their goals with life purpose.

Awareness: Overcoming unconscious biases and self-limiting beliefs.

Perspective: Generating new possibilities.

Authenticity: An honest, integrity-driven coaching experience.

As a member of the HBR Advisory council and a panel coach with international alliance partners, Vijay brings a wealth of expertise to the field.