Dr. Manju Appathurai

President and Mental Health Counselor (Malaysia Mind Foundation), Matrixtudios Company

Motivation, Mindfulness
Leadership, Leadership

Dr. Manju Appathurai


A multi-disciplinary professional with expertise in civil engineering, business, education, psychology, and diplomacy. Holder of three master's degrees and a doctorate in management, shaping a versatile approach to personal development and mental health. 

A diplomatic background, she served at the Prime Minister's office and the World Trade Organization, honing communication and negotiation skills. As President of Fur Kids Farm (FKF) and Malaysia Mind Foundation (MMF), she champions animal welfare and mental health awareness.

Author of "The Happy Life Blueprint," provides practical strategies for joy amid mental health challenges. Committed to destigmatizing mental health, [Her Last Name] envisions a more compassionate, empowered world through her diverse expertise.