Augustus Wee

Service Experience Specialist, Learning for the Future

Customer Satisfaction, Customer Satisfaction
Customer Satisfaction, Communication

Augustus Wee


Augustus is a patient, empathetic, and creative service experience advocate with over 25 years of demonstrated history of consistently creating value for hotel guests and service clients. He has also helped coach individuals to improve and develop their professional service skills to serve customers better. He has over 15 years of hospitality training design, development, and delivery competencies in Hospitality Services, Customer Service Experience, and Professional Service Specialist Development. Augustus has been an internship mentor since 2010. Partnered with several service organizations to host students he trained, coached & mentored to establish Service Mindset, identify Strengths & Weaknesses, build Confidence, impart Service Skills, impart F&B, Front Services, & Housekeeping Technical Skills, and map out their Career Path & Progression Plans. In 2018, Augustus designed, developed & delivered the Diploma in Hospitality Management, Touchstone International Institute, and in 2008, he streamlined the TCA consultancy & training process in ISO audit, SDH-Corporate Academy.

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